The Review

The Paris Review No. 222

Maxine Groffsky on the Art of Editing: “At that time, young women were hired as secretaries or copy editors but were not promoted to editor.” Dany Laferrière on the Art of Fiction: “For me, writers are what the priest has been throughout history, this person we pay to talk about spirituality.” And a conversation between Malcolm Gladwell and Michael Lewis.

New fiction by Ann Beattie, Antonio Di Benedetto, Isabella Hammad, and Sigrid Nunez.

Poems by Peter Gizzi, Patrick Mackie, Ange Mlinko, D. Nurkse, Ezra Pound, Jana Prikryl, Philip Schultz, Frederick Seidel, and Donna Stonecipher.

Nonfiction by David Sedaris; and a portfolio of Duncan Hannah’s diaries.


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