It’s a bad day for all the niggers in the classroom. We don’t really give a good rat’s ass where the hell the Great Salt Lake is, so Purvis sticks it just outside of New Rochelle. And Densil think that 6 x 8 is the height of the power forward for the New York Knickerbockers, which is why they ain’t worth shit either, not even worth the Boston Celtics. And an amoeba is a social disease, at least Corneil’s big sister contracted it and has to go uptown three times a week for needles and doctors looking inside her all the time with real skinny flashlights and rubber gloves.

  So Mrs. Pettitt Manderson just looks at us real stern and begins tapping her foot and announces, “All right, class. You may proceed to the cupboards, select your pillows, and rest your overworked brains on your desktops for a period of thirty minutes. The nurse will come in with cookies and milk.”