The setting is the master bedroom of a city apartment. The time is the early 1970s. A queen-sized bed, with a gold silk
quilt on it. Next to the bed is a plate with crumbs remaining, an empty glass of milk and a pile of books; the volume on top is Bertrand Russell's Unpopular Essays.

There are three speaking voices, the parts divided among them
as follows:


A: The Doctor, Alcestis, Heracles

B: Charun, Admetus

C: Eumelus, The Serving Maid, The Servant of Admetus


There are also matched choruses of Neighbors and Relatives.

This is a work in progress, which incorporates the writings of Ellen Douglas Kirchwey (1922-1972).


"I gave you my heart, and my body which was its case
slim and ardent, almost as in its first youth.
I even sealed the smooth wrappings with my tears
and bound the entire gift in ribbons of laughter.
In return for this, I ask only for acceptance.
This is the dearest debt that lovers know."



Theonoë: For all men…