“Are you interested in knowing when and whom you will marry? What the year will bring you? If you will gain in a law- suit? . . . What are you best adapted for? If you have enemies and who? If you can trust your friends? Why your love acts strange? What lies in the future and what fate awaits you?” — New York street handout.

Anglo-Saxon Sally operates between Third and Lexington—
she makes large claims:
“Forecasts — Future — Past—Present”
with Palm, Tarot Cards, Crystal Ball, Readings.
Are her clients all dames?

Or does the SPECIAL WITH THIS AD Regular Card Reading
$5.00 OFF
offered to the street-passers
pull in young, confused, gullible, male New Yorkers,
chauvinist at the pig-trough?

Tune in to those thoughts: “Why don’t that Marylene let me touch up her ass?”
“Why she act so strange, man?”
It doesn’t seem likely, probable —or possible even.
No, a different class.
the unsure more-than-mature woman is here targeted.
“That Mrs. Feinblatt,
she look at me in a funny way!”
“Ed don’t love me any more. He think I’m done for, past it!”
“Mr. Fink’s a dirty rat.”

Or just a bit younger? When Romance can be mentioned.
Love that will last.
“Will Wilbur ever kiss me?”
Sally knows these thoughts like the color of the dollars,
forecasting the Past.