Go Round

Plunging donkey          puberty devi
       flings her thighs, swinging long
   legs backward on her mount
hair tosst
            gangle arms but eyes—
               her eyes and smile are elsewhere:
swelling out and sailing to the future
       off beyond five-colored clouds.

       we enter this world trailing
               slippery clouds of guts
               incense of our flowery flesh
blossoms;   crusht;    re-turning
         knots of rose meat open out to—over—
         five-hued clouds—
the empty diamond of all space

And into withered, sturdy, body, stalks.
the dry branch dropping seeds.

                     plunging donkey
prancing horse and trappings
     her mother watching,
               shopping bag let down
   beside her knees, against the bench,
in her eyes too, the daughter
looking outward, knowing,

             having once
             stepped up on the