Thorn of the Air


On the                          ...Madrid, last capitol of the silence...

invisible                        thru corridors of 9,000 lungs, wand/legged ladies
                                    protected from slow muffle machines
telegraph                      which mysteriously commingle the clouds
                                    with you, city of the Uumm/wheel, city
—by moonlit                  of suave chrome, above all: of breatlless Lorca
                                    moons &: Gongora shadows still roving, I see,
bark & twigs—               the filly trees—straight as spanish truth!

a constant                     ...El Paseo Castellana, 3 in tbe morning
heartbeat                       —behold, this bluejeaned worker
transmits                       apparitions sweeping tbe arboled pavement for
                                    cafe/heads to drink purely from these breathing
     Spain                       ladies within & beyond you, tbat cross Two
                                    Capitols of tbe Silence: O pivot
connecting us                          of evocation... O mediation
to the schisms               of the marvelous! 1965, you are again:
of star & seed                first city of the western Serene!

signed: the                                 open mouth of silence
american seer                that cups tomorrow from the thorn of the air!