After the winter thawed away, I rose,
Remembering what you said. Below the field 
Where I was dead, the crinkled leaf and blade 
Summoned my body, told me I must go. 
Across the road I saw some other dead 
Revive their little fires, and bow the head 
To someone still alive and long ago. 
Low in the haze a pall of smoke arose.

Inside the moon’s hollow is a hale gray man 
Who washed his hands, and waved me where to go 
Up the long hill, the mound of lunar snow, 
Around three lapping pebbles, over the crossed 
Arms of an owl nailed to the southern sky. 
I spun three times about, I scattered high,
Over my shoulder, clouds of salt and dust. 
The earth began to clear. I saw a man.

He said the sun was falling toward the trees,
The picnic nearly over. Small on the lake 
The sails were luring lightning out of the dark, 
While quieter people guided slim canoes. 
I hid in bushes, shy. Already cars 
Shuttled away, the earliest evening stars 
Blurred in a cloud. A lone child left his shoes 
Half in the sand, and slept beneath the trees.