Letter After an Estrangement

I forgot to tell you my husband
died. He was in Spain and something
strange happened with alcohol or water. He loved them
both so much. Which reminds me, do you want
to be cremated or buried? The difference,
if you do not know, is the ghost
or the body; heaven or sex.

Also I am planning a trip. No place special
just somewhere God has been.
Do you have any ideas? From there I will bring back
vials of ambergris. Did I mention I am carrying
his baby. I am in the tenth month and still
he does not show. The house hates me
and breaks everything I touch.

I myself prefer to be left
face up in a ditch and for someone to go
to jail because of what he's done to me.
That way I can watch the stars
as they move toward the end of the sky
and he can plan his last
meal or some other consolation.